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The web should never be an obstacle between your customers and your products and services.

Let’s clear a path together.

Is your website feeling neglected and you’re thinking about a redesign?

What if I told you you probably don’t need a redesign. Just a re-alignment. In other words, you don’t need to throw everything out and start fresh.

3 ways to re-align the user experience

Why you should trust me

For 25 years I’ve been fascinated with how people behave on the web. I work for your customers, and I’ll push back if something is not in their best interests. I don’t guess – every choice for your website is grounded in research.


Don’t take my word for it

“We engaged Steph to conduct a deep, and thorough audit of our existing site. She was consistently available to answer questions and included very actionable recommendations that improved readability, engagement and the overall UX. Steph was a valuable resource and partner.” Duke Fanelli, EVP/CMO Association of National Advertisers
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Stephanie off and on for more than a decade. A UX expert, she is especially adept at delivering training on complex topics to audiences of various skill levels. Working with her is an easy, fun and rewarding experience.” Lauren Leal, Manager, Communications & Marketing Mount Saint Vincent University
“Working with Steph is super valuable for our organization. She helps us make our websites and other digital communications user-friendly and easy for our customers to understand. It’s a no-brainer for us to keep using her services because she combines the expertise of a specialist with also really caring about our company. She’s just so great to work with!” Danny Peled, Owner Boreal River Rescue
“Stephanie is my go-to expert when it comes to website usability and google analytics. I so appreciate her strategic understanding of the role website user experience plays in an organization’s ability to deliver on its mandate. Stephanie’s strategic insights are invaluable.” Pattie LaCroix, Director, Communications and Policy College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia
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