Clear Paths for Customers:
6 Steps to a High Performing Website

If your website isn’t aligned with how your audience wants to engage with you and make decisions, your credibility is shot and your marketing dollars are wasted.

Potential customers arrive at your site and:

  • Don’t understand what you do or if you can help them
  • Can’t easily find and/or understand answers to their questions
  • Don’t know how to move forward with you
  • Click the back button to your competitor

People do business with people they trust. Without a face-to-face connection, your website is your organization and has to create a trusting relationship.

This course, Clear Paths for Customers: 6 Steps to a High Performing Website, will enable you to remove the roadblocks on your website that prevent customers from engaging. You’ll learn how to create clear paths through content that aligns with your customer’s decision-making journey.

The results:

  • Attract a more qualified audience to your site and convert them at a higher rate
  • Decrease reliance on external contractors and your IT team
  • Increase your web savvy and have more confidence in your website decisions
  • Reduce support calls and emails from customers
  • Generate more leads, sales, registrations, donations, applications, etc.

If your website is a liability and you don’t have a budget for an outside consultant, this course is for you.

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What past students have to say

“Stephanie was very knowledgeable and explained content well with good examples.”
“Worksheets were excellent. Very practical. Stephanie was great and helpful with questions.”
“Stephanie is super knowledgeable and easy to approach; is clear in her communications.”