Is your site not generating sales or leads as you expect?

Are you contemplating a redesign, but your site isn’t that old?

Website redesign projects are expensive, time-consuming, and take resources away from other projects. And a lot of the time, they aren’t necessary.

Start with a user experience audit and realign your website with your customers’ needs.

A user experience audit has 4 parts

  1. Get to know your customers and their decision making process.
  2. Through the lens of your customers, identify all the roadblocks on your current website that are hurting sales and other conversions.
  3. Re-align your content with their decision making journey.
  4. Create an internal link structure to persuade customers toward conversion, by presenting them with the right calls to action at the right time.

The best part? Usually most of the recommendations can be made in your CMS by a non-technical person. No coding necessary.

You get an improved user experience that will translate directly into more conversions (sales, leads, registrations, downloads, attendees, subscribers, etc.). And you didn’t have to redesign your website.

Website redesign?

Following the audit, you might still need to redesign your website. The good news is none of the UX audit activities are a waste – they can all carry over to a new website. I work with a number of talented designers and developers. I can assemble the right team for your project, or work with your existing vendor.

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